Built to Last Part Two: Preserving Eureka’s historic homes

EUREKA, CA (KIEM)- For those who have visited Ferndale, Arcata, or eureka there is something these places have in common. They all have a collection of historic homes, built with old growth redwood. The early nineteen hundreds was a time of creativity which is why there are so many different types of homes here, but because of Mother Nature, and time itself, some of these structures are struggling to keep their look.

When you look Eureka specifically, the closer you get to the coast the more variation in homes we tend to see… Some homes look as they did a hundred years ago, while some seem abandoned or un-fixable. But there is a group of people that are seeing these homes as an opportunity to keep eureka beautiful, by preserving the past. 

The Eureka Heritage Society has received a proclamation by the city of eureka and today they will be hosting an award ceremony at the Morris Graves Museum. That event starts at 1:30 all are welcomed to attend.