New Donation of ‘Comfort Cubs’ Help Make Loss More ‘Bear’able


Eureka, Ca., (KIEM)- Staci Neuman and her husband Andrew have come face to face with unimaginable loss. In the 37th week of her pregnancy, Staci losed her baby son Gunner. The hospital in Vista, California gave the Neumans a teddy bear.

In the wake of an infant’s death, it seems unimaginable that a stuffed bear could make any difference. Staci had her doubts, but the weighted bear (made to feel more like an infant when held), came to help her through. “It gives you something to touch and hold. Something to focus on.”

She says the bear was a comfort. The Neumans bring it out every year on Gunner’s birthday. This year, he would have turned 10. To honor his memory the family decided they wanted other people to have the small bit of solace they found in their “comfort cub.” So, they gave money to St. Joseph Hospital to buy the first 12 bears in a pilot program.

The teddy bears will be available at both Redwood Memorial, and St. Joseph Hospital in Eureka. Should a family decide not to take a bear, they can come back and get one if they are ready.