Bridgeville man sentenced for murder could get a new trial

EUREKA, CA. (KIEM) – A local man found guilty of second degree murder may get another chance in court.

A judge says a new trial could be in order for 37-year-old Jon Goldberg.

He was found guilty in March of shooting and killing Tim Smith of Fortuna, in September of 2016.

Goldberg claimed self-defense, and was sentenced 15 years to life – but that could change.

Visiting Judge Graham Cribbs said a motion for a new trial could be necessary due to “jury misconduct”.

Exactly what the misconduct is was not shared.

Judge Cribbs could decide the misconduct warrants a whole new trial.

For now, Goldberg still has his recent conviction, but an evidentiary hearing for the judge to review the possible misconduct, is scheduled for October 15.

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