St. Joseph Hospital Responds to Oxycide Protests


Eureka, Ca., (KIEM)- Oxycide is a chemical cleaning agent registered with the EPA, designed for use to disinfect and deodorize hospital surfaces. In particular, it is an effective sporocide capable of killing Clostridium difficile. That bacteria is not only antibiotic resistant, but one of the leading causes of hospital acquired diarrhea.

But could the reward of eliminating harmful bacteria be outweighed by the dangers of the cleaner itself? Ecolab, Oxycide’s manufacturer’s product statement comes with a warning. Oxycide can be absorbed through the skin and the fumes easily inhaled. It’s use can result in burning of the eyes, skin and digestive tract. It can also harm the respiratory system of those who are regularly exposed.

“I told my department… because this chemical I use everyday, Oxycide, it was causing health problems for my coworkers.” Protester Candy Ramos told Redwood News Monday. She was not alone in a crowd out front of Saint Joseph Hospital’s Eureka Campus. The cleaning staff at both St. Joe’s and Redwood Memorial are using Oxycide to disinfect their medical facilities.

Tuesday St. Joseph health issued the following statement: “We are committed to maintaining an environment of safety, respect and dignity for our caregivers. Recently, we have met with leaders of our represented workforce to proactively discuss the use of Oxycide at our ministries and together we will continue to ensure a safe work environment for all.”


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