Hearing continues for The Village Student Housing Project

Arcata, Ca., (KIEM) Tuesday evening, the Arcata City Council held a “special” meeting. The item discussed, The Village Student Housing Project. Thus far, this has been a long road for the Arcata City Council and AMCAL, the development company, for the student housing project. 

  • June 6 the project was introduced  
  • June 19 a tour for the proposed project site was conducted  
  • July 17 a continued hearing was scheduled for Aug.15    

Developers have taken into consideration some concerns of Arcata residents and the company has made some changes. 

“It went from an 800-bed dorm to a 600-bed and it got solar panels put on it,” Arcata City Council Member, Susan Ornelas said. “They addressed Maple Lanes concern of a towering building and they kind of put them back, on the property.” 

As far as the city is concerned, an agreement to build or to hold off on building, has not been determined.  

Ornelas, shared that she is not opposed to the idea of building student housing, as it is a need, but said she would like to see a few tweaks within the agreement. 

“I made a counter proposal. They build a dorm type of development for say 350 students something like that and then they build one hundred or so small row houses,” Ornelas said “And then, I think there should be some kind of food concession on the part of the bottom floor that way I would be able to support it.” 

Project Developer, David Moon, has said he is open to the community’s suggestions but wants to make sure all ideas are economically feasible.