Yosemite National Park closed due to threat of over 40,000 acre Ferguson Fire



MARIPOSA COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM) – State officials clear out Yosemite National Park on Wednesday, due to the ongoing Ferguson Fire, which has spread 41,576 acres.

Visitors were asked to leave the area by noon.

Officials said Yosemite was not in imminent danger due to the fire, but closed the area to let crews take protective measures in the park.

Over the past two weeks, the Ferguson Fire has burned through 60 square miles of the Sierra Nevada, west of the park.

The fire is about 26% percent contained.

Shutting down the valley was a difficult decision to make, because its peak season for visitors right now.

At least one thousand campground and hotel bookings had to be canceled.

Evacuation information is available, here.