Kitten in critical condition after found off freeway


A man was traveling south on highway 101 in Fortuna last week when he spotted something with fur just a foot off the freeway. And now he is known as a local hero.

Matthew Johnson tells me he found a kitten, but when he found her he says blood was coming out of her mouth and she was barely breathing. She had no signs of being run over, which leads many to believe, this kitten was thrown out of a vehicle.

Johnson tells me when he first spotted her he saw a car pass so close to her and that impact rolled her over. He knew he had to take quick action and immediately rushed her to animal health and surgery on Riverwalk in Fortuna. He says they were in disbelief when they heard the story, and will try to cover the bills. Johnson tells me he believes life is precious in all forms.

We went to the veterinarian today to get updates on the kitten and she had just gotten out of surgery.

They tell us she might not make it through the weekend, but they say she’s a fighter. If she does make it, Johnson says he’s going to keep her and name her Xena the Warrior Princess.

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