Abstract artist takes on wall of the Rodeway Inn in Eureka

Eureka, Ca., (KIEM) Sunday makes the second day of the Eureka Art Festival. Artist work tirelessly to fill the Opera Ally which runs between 2nd and 3rd streets in Old Town, with color and creativity.

Artist, Xavi Panneton, got the opportunity to venture out to a space on the building on Rode Inn on V Street in Eureka.

“The name of this mural is called ‘Living Wall’. I wanted to draw inspiration from the nature of this area, from the forest and the ocean together. It’s not really a painting of something specific, more like a mood.”

Panneton said he was excited that the owner of the building picked him to share his art with the community.

Artist are given 5 days to finish their murals. The Eureka Art Festival runs from August 11- August 18, 2018.

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