Marci Kitchen changes her plea to guilty in the hit-and-running killing of two girls in Fortuna

    EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM) – Marci Kitchen changed her plea to ‘guilty’ on Monday, over two years after fatally crashing into two young girls skateboarding in Fortuna.


    An emotional crowd gathered outside the Humboldt County courtroom before the 3:30PM hearing. Upon initiation of the plea change, Kitchen was seen crying while signing paperwork.

    In July of 2016, Kitchen was driving home drunk when she hit her daughter Kiya Kitchen, and her daughter’s friend, Faith Tsarnas, who were skateboarding. Both girls died due to their injuries.

    By pleading guilty on all counts on Monday, Kitchen admitted to these charges:
    1. Vehicular manslaughter without gross negligence while being intoxicated, with special allegations of fleeing the crime scene with multiple victims 2. Another count of vehicular manslaughter without gross negligence while being intoxicated 3. Driving under the influence with special allegations of causing great bodily injury resulting in brain injury and paralysis with multiple victims 4. Hit and run causing death

    Court and trial dates have been pushed back for over two years, for numerous reasons, including Kitchen’s personal travel plans. At one time, the court ruled for Kitchen’s passport to be revoked, to keep her in the area.

    On September 18 at 8:30AM, Kitchen will receive a formal sentencing. It is expected she will receive up to 11 years in prison.

    By changing her plea in advance, Kitchen will avoid trial, and a possible lengthier sentence.

    Another court date, to decide whether not to place Kitchen back into custody without bail before the sentencing, is scheduled for September 4 and 8:30AM.

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