Universal curbside program rates, up for discussion in Arcata

Arcata, Ca., (KIEM) Arcata residents could soon be paying more for curbside garbage and recycling. The City of Arcata and Recology Arcata have an agreement that will end Wednesday, September 5, 2018, stating that the city will receive $8 per tons of curbside material.

With the agreement ending, Arcata’s curbside material will now be handled by Humboldt Waste Management Authority.

Humboldt Waste Management Authority has partnered up with Recology to provide processing services of materials, leaving the City of Arcata, at a rate of close to $70 per ton for the fiscal year of 2018 and 2019.

Proposition 218 establishes guidelines for imposing or increasing certain fees and charges. In order to comply with the requirements of Proposition 218, a Fee Change Notice will be mailed to all owners of property within the city limits and a public hearing will be scheduled on November 7, 2018, to consider increasing fees for garbage and recycling services. Additionally because of the large rental market in Arcata, the City mails a rate notice to all current customers to ensure those affected are noticed.

The council will meet before the regularly scheduled meeting and interview candidates for the 3 at large vacancies on the plaza improvement task force.