New redevelopment plan to expand City of Arcata

Arcata, Ca., (KIEM) In the City of Arcata a potential infill redevelopment project may or may not be underway. In Tuesday’s upcoming Economic Development Committee meeting. City officials will discuss and potentially update the Strategic Infill Redevelopment Plan.

A plan that is designed to create the right kind of infill for the City of Arcata seizing potential expansion in the mountains or hills while accommodating economic opportunities and fulfilling the City of Arcata housing need.

Director of Community Development, David Loya, shared that there is a strong stakeholder engagement associated with the Strategic Infill Redevelopment Plan due to all the different phases and components but said the city wants builders who want to build, and people who want to live there.

“The infill plan is really a hard look at what are the opportunities that we have for vacant and underutilized parcels inside the city limits,” said Loya. “Most of the lands were looking at for the strongest policy changes in the infill plan will be in former industrial lands. The idea is to allow the industrial lands to continue to have industrial or commercial activities on them but at the same time have multi-level buildings that will have housing on top of them.”

The Economic Development Committee meeting is set for Tuesday October 2nd at 6pm in the Council Chambers.