Indigenous People’s Week dominates Columbus Day at HSU

Arcata, Ca., (KIEM) Americans are celebrating Columbus Day, Monday, a way to honor Christopher Columbus’s discovery of America but instead Humboldt State University is celebrating a different person, a different group of people, for the 25th Annual Indigenous People’s Week.

American Indian faculty, staff, and students organized a week for activities that focuses on indigenous issues, ideologies, and methods.

In addition to native empowerment Indigenous People’s Week challenges the idea that Christopher Columbus “discovered” America and a reminder of the atrocities and injustices against natives of the Americas.

In the early 90’s Berkeley became the first official U.S. city to celebrate the holiday. Now, 25 years later, several other cities have followed suit, including Seattle, Los Angeles and now in Arcata.

Humboldt State University’s effort to find an alternative celebration to Columbus Day across the California State University system has been part of a nationwide movement.

To find out more about HSU activities for indigenous peoples week you can visit the Humboldt State University website at