Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office warns of more phone scams


HUMBOLDT COUNTY, CA (KIEM)- The Humboldt County Sheriffs
Office is urging the public to look out for an array of deceiving scams.

Just this week, reports of three different types of scams targeting north coast residents are on the rise. They say to be aware of an “Amazon Scam” where the caller instructs the victim to buy gift cards, then hacks the victim’s Amazon account. 2nd, in an i-r-s immigration scam, the caller claims to be with the i-r-s, and tries to convince the victim money is owed, and threaten the victim with arrest and deportation.

Also, a scam Redwood News alerted you to earlier this week, the “Sergeant Marshall Scam”.

This caller claims to be a sergeant with the sheriff’s office, and says that you missed jury duty, and must you must pay a fine, or face arrested. All of these are just scams and if you suspect you have been targeted give the sheriff’s office a call. (707) 445-7251

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