Statewide Proposition Results

Proposition 1 authorizes $4 billion in general obligation bonds to fund veterans and affordable housing.
52% voted yes.

Proposition 2 amends mental health services act to fund no place like home program, which finances housing for individuals with mental illness.
59% voted yes.

Proposition 3 authorizes nearly $9 billion in state general obligation bonds for water related infrastructure and environmental projects.
53% voted no.

Proposition 4 authorizes $1.5 billion in bonds to be repaid from the state’s general fund. To fund grants for construction, expansion, renovation, and equipping of qualifying children’s hospitals.
58% voted yes.

Proposition 5 removes certain transfer requirements for homeowners over 55, severely disabled home owners and contaminated or disaster destroyed property.
57% voted no.

Proposition 6 repeals a 2017 transportation laws taxes and fees designated for road repairs and public transportation.
55 % voted no.

Proposition 7 would pave the way for year round day light saving time in California.
62% voted yes.

Proposition 8 regulates the amounts outpatient kidney dialysis clinics charge for dialysis treatment.
62% voted no.

Proposition 9 was removed from the ballot in July. This was the proposition to break California into three smaller states

For proposition 10, a no vote opposes the initiative keeping the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act prohibiting local governments from enacting rent control.
65% voted no.

For proposition 11, a yes vote means private ambulance companies could continue their current practice on having EMT’s and paramedics stay on duty in order to respond to 911 calls.
62% voted yes.

Proposition 12 will set new standards for confinement on certain farm animals, requiring factory farms to provide larger cages for hens, pigs, and calves.
59% voted yes.