40th Annual Mushroom Fair pops-off in Arcata

Arcata, Ca., (KIEM) In Arcata, the 40th Annual Mushroom Fair popped off Sunday. Humboldt County residents filled the Arcata Community Center to learn and explore the world of fungi.

The Humboldt Bay Mycological Society coordinates the fair and said the event is known to attract a large crowd, past attendance being over a thousand guests. Vendors were in attendance selling mushroom cultivation kits, accessories, and attire. The fair even presented two featured guest speakers, one an author of “Mushrooms of the Redwood Coast,” and the other an expert on California fungi.

Joann Olson fair chairperson of the society, expressed that she’s been involved for several years and she loves seeing people of all ages want to educate themselves on the many specimens of fungi.

“Humboldt County is an ideal place for mushrooms to grow we have a lot of rain usually and we have mild weather conditions and those things favor mushrooms. Also we have a wonderful forest and a lot of mushrooms grow in association with the roots of certain trees. So we have one of the best places in all of the United States for mushrooms.”

Nearly 400 different types of mushrooms were on display for the public to see.