Local high school students collect over 13 tons in donations for Humboldt Holiday Food Drive


EUREKA, Ca. (KIEM) – Humboldt County high school students are making a difference, by donating over 13 tons of food to Food for People this holiday season.

Students took part in the annual Holiday Food Drive, organized by Senator Mike McGuire, which wrapped up on Wednesday in Eureka’s Safeway parking lot.

Saint Bernard’s won the title of most food donated this year, by donating about 9 tons. All donations will benefit the local food bank, Food for People.

Here is what Senator Mike McGuire wrote in a Tweet on Wednesday:

We don’t know what to say. The generosity of Humboldt’s high school students is nothing short of amazing. Over 13 tons of food was donated tonight (over 26,000 pounds)! This is nearly 10 tons more compared to 2017. We cannot say enough thank yous. 100% benefits .