Arcata Council holds off on Home Space Rent Stabilization Ordinance

Arcata, Ca., (KIEM) New Arcata Mayor Brett Watson led his first council meeting Wednesday night and things got a little heated by members of the Arcata community.

In Wednesday night’s meeting, the council listened to proposed amendments to the city’s Mobile Home Space Rent Stabilization Ordinance while over a dozen of residents sat in on the proposed plan.

The City of Arcata adopted an ordinance, in early 2017, to make mobile homes affordable. The same ordinance the city adopted, community members said, have a bunch of “holes” and “discrepancies.”

Wednesday night, the city’s Community Development Department proposed a new plan to potentially preserve mobile home affordability but residents said this too will not cut it and it’s not much of an improvement.

“What I try to point out to them is. They adopted an ordinance that they had to ask that was like measure V. but city staff did not give them that ordinance,” said Hilary Mosher, Regional Manager for the Golden State of Manufactured Home Owner’s League. “They were given a different ordinance that had been adopted by a different city 26 years ago and I think they’re realizing that.”

Arcata Council members decided to hold off on making a decision requesting more information regarding the mobile home rent ordinance. The council will have another meeting to further explore the ordinance.

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