Arcata Police Department patrols city as residents bring in New Year

Arcata, Ca., (KIEM) With the holiday celebration comes more enforcement. Monday night, law officials will be throughout Humboldt County ensuring the safety of residents.

Arcata Police Department’s Lieutenant Silver said Arcata’s Main Street Plaza tends to be one of the hot-spots around this time of year, because of that, himself, the chief, and other officers from the department will be patrolling not just the plaza but the street throughout the City of Arcata.

“We obviously would like people to report whatever crime that occurs. We will be out and about the neighborhoods, downtown, and everywhere,” said Lieutenant Silver. “It’s important to know that we are out there not only to deal with crime we are out there to interact with the community. If you see one of us please come up and say, hi.”

Lieutenant Silver adds that although there will be a police presence throughout the city he still wants everyone to enjoy their night and have a happy New Year.