Machinery equipment stolen from Ferndale work site

FERNDALE, Ca(KIEM)- A local construction company is missing some heavy machinery equipment taken from a work site.

McCullough Construction had a Komatsu mini-excavator and Caterpillar skid steer stolen last week in Ferndale. Both items were taken from a job site behind a locked gate located on the 1500 block of Grizzly Bluff Road.

On a dark evening, the thieves manage to break in and steal the equipment without anyone seeing. It is unclear how the thieves managed to get through the locked gate but somehow they did. They have stolen thousands of dollars worth of equipment and have grounded the work that was being completed.

Without an excavator, the job in and cannot continue. McCullough Construction is currently looking for an excavator for sale so that they can continue their work.

Not only has this theft disrupted the current job, but it has affected the foreseeable future too as jobs are having to be delayed.

It is unfortunate that this event has occurred and the sheriff’s office is working very hard to try and solve this crime.

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Anyone with information is asked to call the sheriff’s office.