Homeless Advocate Betty Chinn Receives Check to Help Replace Totaled Truck


Betty Chinn is known for helping out the homeless.

In November, a car crash totaled Betty’s Blue Angels catering truck. After escaping a car crash with minor injuries, her blue angels catering truck was totaled. The truck delivered hundreds of meals, provided clean clothes, and blankets.

In order to help her out, the community of Humboldt came together and united.

The total damage costed about $59, 000. But after hearing about Betty’s accident, Eureka Natural Foods decided to pitch in through their Change-for-Change Program. Within five days, they were able to raise $3600.

Rick Littlefield, an owner of Eureka Natural Foods said “it’s a gift for us to be able to make these kinds of donations in support for our community. You know the gift of giving is its own reward.”

Eureka Natural Foods proudly presented Betty with the check. The money will help Betty with her truck, so she can get back on the road to helping the homeless.

With all the outpouring support. Betty says she’s grateful for all the donations but there’s still more work for her to do.

As thank you to everyone who donated, Betty will be hosting a Chinese New Year party next month.

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