Food for People Food Bank Still Providing Assistance Despite Partial Government Shutdown

Over 20-thousand residents in Humboldt County are part of the Calfresh program. The ongoing government shutdown affects many families throughout California.

Residents on the Calfresh program started seeing their February benefits this week.

Deborah Waxman, Director of Programs at Food For people said, “The benefits that show up this week, will last until February.” She also adds “It’s in order to keep federal funds down.”

The program is expected to continue to operate thought march. But if the shutdown continues, programs such as Calfresh will soon start to run on reserve funding.

Agencies like the USDA, are still providing food to food banks like Food for People. Those shipments will still continue to arrive on schedule.

But if the partial government shutdown goes on, those orders could possibly be delayed.

If you and if you or anyone you know is in need of assistance or food, can contact Food for People or visit their website