Drivers Experience Slick Road Conditions as Storm Pounds Through North Coast

EUREKA, Ca (KIEM) – Wind shield wipers were hard at work, as the rain pounded through the North Coast in the afternoon.

Drivers experienced rain, lightening, and wild winds. The storm made for drenched roads, creating slick conditions for drivers.

During the winter months, Caltrans takes precautions to keep drivers safe on the road. They hire extra help for the cold season, all to help get drivers to their destination safely.

Myles Cochrane, a Caltrans Public Information Officer, said “Crews do a lot of slide prevention throughout the year.” He goes on add “Even in the summer months. We try to prepare for slides but as you know, Mother Nature in Northern California is a formidable opponent.”

Earlier today, Caltrans crews did emergency work along Highway 299. All to prepare for any debris or mudslides.

With wet roadways and pools of water, drivers are advised to remain alert and to be aware of their driving conditions.

Cochrane also advises drivers to plan ahead, especially if you plan to travel great distances. He says “Expect to take a little bit of extra time to where you are going and absolutely plan your route.”

Caltrans crews work around the clock to make sure everyone can travel on the road safely.