Tiny Home Project Kicks Off at College of the Redwoods


EUREKA, Ca. (KIEM) – At College of the Redwoods, big steps are being made for a tiny home. The Tiny Home Project is in its early stages.

It’s big task for a very small building.

“It’s been pretty exciting ,a little bit daunting, kind of you know uncertainty but everybody’s been coming together great.” Said Kate Carlson, one student part of the Tiny Home Project.

A team of seven students and their instructors are taking on the task to build a tiny mobile home. The end goal is to have a road-ready trailer by the end of the semester.

“People that need the tiny home or can’t really afford bigger homes can get these homes.” Said Raymond Emry, another student involved in the project.

Instructors Danny Walker and Jerry Goodrow says this project is an opportunity for students to not only apply the skills they learned in the class. But it’s also a chance for them to use those skills to create something amazing.

Alexandra Brater is one of three women involved in the project.  She says this project has created new opportunities for her.

“Especially being a female in an industry that might be overrun or predominantly run by men, we can come in and be like “hey we can do this too,” said Brater.

The Tiny Home Project has received tremendous support. Local businesses such as O&M Industries and BT Metals donated over two thousand pounds of steel. Some business owners plan to come and speak to the students and help pitch in with the project.

In sixteen to seventeen weeks, the students are hoping to see a fully built trailer, where afterwards it will be sent to the Construction Department. The Construction Department will then build the frame of the tiny home. Lastly, the Art Department will help in painting and putting the electrical wiring together.