Fortuna Police organizes church safety training for church personnel and law enforcement agencies

Fortuna, Ca., (KIEM) Churches and other houses of worship are usually safe from violence. But in today’s era, unfortunately, violence in the church is not uncommon. With several mass shootings within the last few years and a number of other high-profile cases mentioned in the media regarding the church, may leave some feeling hopeless.

But the Fortuna Police Department is working to restore the faith. In the upcoming months, Fortuna Police will host a free seminar geared towards ministers and active clergy of all local churches. As well as other local law enforcement agencies to ensure safety for all in the house of worship.

The 4-hour long training will be led by agents in the FBI. Director of the Eureka Rescue Mission, Bryan Hall will also be in attendance as one of the keynote speakers.

Fortuna’s Crime Prevention Specialist, Enoch Ibarra shared that the focal point of this safety seminar is not to heighten the theory of an active church shooting but to explore all other misconducts within the church such as vandalism, theft, and the mistreatment of youth.

“I hope that people will be enlightened particularly the ministers who are being invited, to things that are going on in other churches that may be happening in theirs, because a lot of things that happen in churches are not publicized for a variety of reasons or reported to the police,” said Ibarra. “Vandalism I know that there have been numerous times where sanctuaries been vandalized here locally. People have broken in, people have been in the building and people weren’t aware. There was one church where people were actually living inside the church and had been living there apparently four weeks.”

The date is scheduled for April 9th. The location of the event will be announced at a later date, following individual registration confirmation.