Eureka locals divided on potential turf field at Coopers Gulch

EUREKA, CA. (KIEM) – At Tuesdays Eureka City Council meeting, a group known as the Cooper Gulch Common Grounds shared their concerns over a potential park renovation, but at the same time, multiple people expressed their excitement for the proposed changes.

According to the cities Community Service Director Miles Slattery, in about 2 weeks his team will submit a grant proposal for up to 8.5 million dollars to help pay for a turf field at Coopers Gulch.

The Community Service Director says, coopers gulch is likely to receive the funding because it fits all the criteria for the grant. As for the concerns, the turf field is a Geofill which Slattery claims there will be zero rubber, that could potentially enter our drainage system. He adds there will be no health or environmental issues with this project.

If your interested in learning more here is a link to a video explaining the project.[0]=68.ARC3vU2l9FaWEtSkn1dgau5HXdGQopXgqG9V_k2Fk-Y92XKvh03zU2GSMu52WSbJW06zQGEmSdVCvUmsEURgFJUJgjPdpv9gZBt0MAb18o38OUZlfWTDP4yq-OSwDo5msjmSLH9j_B4TZlom_KBg82Jwz4MtRb4g_zesbiVHGJ0mVxfRluw3jZgvcO1v5vhsis1Ko5GL5a9JhD_LRPw6jXow8BSFOhE8XkivYIApeBHtCPC78wOwXSXmiA9PrM6KN0sX2IZqBjhMBemTdW48jRGZ33DZnVMtjHgTerk3GLMQZvUzsZ4XVwpo2I64g_cEplQJ-R4SSqWVlM6g7nWS8MpaGNYfbPLPu4k