Firefighters Receive New Breathing Tanks Thanks to Measure Z


FORTUNA, Ca. (KIEM) – Firefighters in Fortuna received some crucial new gear to help them breathe when heavy smoke is in the air.

Fortuna fire and several other fire departments in Humboldt County actually received a new shipment of “Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus”. It’s a type of breathing tank that help firefighters while they’re out fighting the flames and they are vital to their survival. Thanks to Measure Z, firefighters were able to receive a new batch.

Fortuna Fire distributed over ninety tanks. Each breathing tank only has a life span of fifteen years and they’re not cheap. They can cost up to thousands of dollars. Before Measure Z, firefighters were using outdated tanks. In 2014, Measure Z was approved.

Measure Z is a half-cent sales tax that funds public safety and other essential services.

Back in November, voters renewed Measure Z. Since then, over 8 million dollars have been allocated for first-responders. The Arcata Fire Department have already put these new breathing tanks to use.

Measure Z also includes EMS and police officers.

Firefighters say they are very thankful to Humboldt County and their continued support.