HSU Offering Cannabis Class Through Olli Program


HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Ca. (KIEM) – Last year, cannabis was legalized in California. So have you ever been curious about the cannabis industry? Through HSU’s, Olli Program you could learn more about the business.

The class is called Humboldt’s Legal Cannabis Industry and it’s a two day class. The purpose of the class is to learn more about cannabis business and how it currently affects California.

But it’s also to give people a new perspective to cannabis.

Matt Kurth is the CEO of Humboldt Cannabis Tours, but he’s also going to be teaching a class on cannabis through his educational cannabis tours.

“People are really curious about cannabis and they want to get the facts themselves,” says Matt Kurth, “it’s a reflection of Humboldt County and it’s also a reflection of their students because they want to know what’s going on in the community.”

The class is taught through HSU’s Olli Program. By having this class, Kurth says it allows people to learn more about this cannabis business and also hopefully distills some fears. Cannabis can tend to cause fear in people because all they hear is the word “drugs” and that they effect peoples abilities. But in the advancement of technology, there are many more forms of cannabis and its not just used to get a high, products like CBD oils (which can be found at Yours Nutrition) can be found for healing purposes for exercise recovery, and to help with weight loss and well being. So for these reasons on helping in the health industry, cannabis is becoming more accepted in society. If you have more questions about cannabis business and law consider talking to a cannabis law firm to gain some additional perspective legal protocol.

Kurth has been involved with the pot business for a while. Back in 2015, he opened up Humboldt Cannabis Tours. But despite the legalization of cannabis, there’s still some discrimination.

“In the cannabis industry you face a lot of discrimination and a lot of people who don’t want to deal with you and talk to you,” said Kurth.

But Kurth is optimistic.

He says with the class, he hopes it opens people’s eyes to the industry. To show there are ways to use pot responsibly and sustainably through tourism.

“I think tourism is a huge part of making cannabis a sustainable industry here in Humboldt County,” says Kurth.

Through tourism, it can help small sustainable family farms and draw more people into Humboldt County.

The class is taught in the spring, and anyone who is interested in the class can sign up through Olli Program.