Wet Weather Brings Ant Invaders


HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Ca. (KIEM) – It’s usually this time of the year, that tiny outside visitors start to become a big and common house hold problem.

“Every winter, once the rain starts coming, in they come, into the houses,” said Erick Boettcher, the Assistant Manager at Pierson’s Garden Shop “they start tearing apart our food, and showing up in our closets, our cabinets and really messing up our life.”

Ants become a recurring problem during the winter time.

 “What they do is that they can squeeze behind your cabinets, they can get on your plumbing pipes, and they kind of just check out the rest of your house,” says James Langdon, General Manager of Accurate Termite and Pest Solutions.

But like every living creatures, they need the essentials to survive. 

“Ants need three things, which is shelter, food, and water, and right now they need food and shelter,” says Langdon.

But a big question, why do they invade our homes?

“Anytime their homes are getting destroyed by water, they have to move around,” adds Langdon “the ants don’t just die off but they do try to find new homes.”

Common ants that appear are the Argentine Ants, Little Black Ants, and Odorous House Ants.

This year alone, Pierson Building Center says they’ve seen a huge increase in sales for ant traps. Whereas ant traps may be relatively effective for some homeowners in getting rid of their ants, it might not work for everyone. And that is when you need to start thinking about different ways to stop these little creatures from invading your home. Reading this pest guide could be a great place to start in learning more about the ways to prevent ants from entering your house in the first place.

But the best way to prevent the invasion from spreading, is to keep your food in air tight containers and keep your cooking areas clean. Doing that keeps the problem more manageable.

Another helpful tip to prevent the ants from taking over your home, include closing up any major gaps inside your home. Some people like to use different keep the ants from spreading.