Skateboarders, BMX Bikers, & Rollers Skaters Could Soon Have a New Place to Show Off Their Tricks

FORTUNA, Ca. (KIEM) – It’s a place where anyone with wheels under their feet could enjoy

 “It’s more than just skate boarding, it’s BMX, it’s bicycles, it’s scooters, it’s roller skates, it’s having wheels underneath you at a nice concrete park,” says Charles Caldwell, the Director of the Humboldt Skate Park Collective. “Everybody has a great time. It’s a great community and it draws the community together.”

A new skate park in Fortuna is in the works. The City Council gave the go ahead to The Humboldt Skate Collective for a brand new skate facility at Newburg Park.

 “If people want to go to a skate park, they got to travel to Arcata or Eureka to do so,” said Cameron Mull, the Director of Parks and Recreation in Fortuna. “We figured it would be a good draw. It would definitely enhance or parks, skateboarding is a positive sport.”

The plan is to turn the current bike park into a place where skaters, bikers, and roller skaters could hang out and show off their moves.

“Our goal is to bring the youth out of their homes,” said Mull.

The skate park has been a long time coming.

“I also know skaters who wanted one here for 20 years,” said Caldwell

But it’s not just a park. It’s also a place to remember Kiya Kitchen and Faith Tsarnas. Two girls who tragically passed away, while skating near Eel River Drive.

 “We want to see this happen and give us a little bit of healing,” Said Sarah Senestraro, a member of the Fortuna Skate Park Committee. “We can’t forget what happened but we can certainly get some healing out. We’re Fortuna strong.”

With the support of the city and community, they’re rolling their plans forward. In three years, Fortuna hopes to see this skate park come to life.

The Humboldt Skate Collective is creating the design of the park. They also plan to involve local artist work in the facility. Currently, they’re raising money for the new park.

Anyone who wants to stay up-to-date with the skate park can check out the Fortuna Skate Park Facebook page. You can also donate to Fortuna’s Skate Park through any Redwood Capital Bank in Humboldt County where an account is set up. They also plan to fundraisers in the future.