City of Eureka Celebrates its Third Re-Designation as Coast Guard City

EUREKA, Ca. (KIEM) – A proud moment for the city of Eureka and the local Coast Guard. The city was honored with its re-designation as a Coast Guard City.

Back in 2000, Eureka was named a Coast Guard City, become the second city in the United States to have the title. Today, the city celebrated their 3-rd designation and it’s an honor they’re proud to hold.

“We were the second Coast Guard City in the nation,” said Mayor Susan Seaman, “it’s something that we were kind of a leader in.”

City Mayor Susan Seaman and members of the Coast Guard were joined by Congressman Jared Huffman to honor the city in its third re-designation.

“I think this is less about the city and more about the city kind of renewing our vows and our commitment to thank them for what they do to us,” said Mayor Seaman.

Back in 1998, Congress established the Coast Guard City program. It was to support the Coast Guard and their families.

Even during a trying time in our government, the Humboldt Bay Coast Guard remained active.

“I think the government shutdown really brought out the best in us,” Mayor Seaman, “people wanted to take care of each other and I think the coast guard really represented the shutdown.”

No matter the situation, the Coast Guard continues serve.

“Our crews stay on the watch ready to risk their lives to save others,” Sector Commander Greg Fuller of Humboldt Bay.

For the Coast Guard members of Humboldt Bay, they’re not only honored to serve their community, but also live and be apart of it.

“We love the city of Eureka and all the communities we serve,” said Fuller, “we have deep ties to the community and we’re really proud to be part of Humboldt Bay.”

In total, there are twenty-five cities in the US to receive this title. But Eureka has retained its title for last nineteen years.