Flooding, slides close local roadways

As rain fell through the night, several roads experienced flooding or damage. As the rain continues today expect conditions to change at any time. Please drive carefully. The following is a list of flooded, restricted and closed roads:

State Route 211 is closed at Fernbridge due to flooding

Flooded or Obstructed Roads

Freshwater Road – open but flooded at Howard Heights and also just past the Freshwater Stables
Felt Road – open but flooded
Fields Landing – open but flooded until the tide goes out
Elk River Road at Herrick Avenue – open but flooded
Briceland Thorne Road, P.M. 3.20 – down to one lane 
Mattole Road – down to one lane due to downed tree and communication lines, No vehicles over 7′ allowed
Mattole Road, P.M. 11.73 down to one lane due to a slip out
Port Kenyon Road – open but flooded
Closed Roads

Goble Lane at Sage Road, P.M. 0.84
Goble Lane at Dillon Lane, P.M. 3.34
Dillon Road, P.M. 0.05
Fulmor Road, P.M. 1.25
Waddington Road, P.M. 0.65
Pleasant Point Road, P.M. 1.15
Sage Road, P.M. 0.38
Copenhagen Road, P.M. 2.90
Camp Kimtu Road
Brannon Mountain Road – downed tree

*Humboldt County Press Release

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