Arcata Council holds off on Village Project;project needs more revision says council


Arcata, Ca., (KIEM) The Arcata City Council met Wednesday night with project developers, city staff and residents to discuss plans for the proposed Village Project.

Wednesday, city staff, as well as the project’s applicant, asked the council to make some decisions on the village housing project which is one, to finalize planning documents and schedule a hearing to consider final approvals or two, to deny the project.

Last month, the council held another meeting to show their willingness to reconsider approval of the revised project in which they have,  but Wednesday night they just couldn’t make a decision that all could agree on.

“That’s what happens when you have 4 councilmembers instead of 5, it’s hard to get a majority,” said councilmember Paul Pitino. “We’ve come to a compromise, a mixed project of open market housing plus purpose built student housing.”

Wednesday evening, councilmembers again, established the type of project it would consider for approval. Now, it’s up to the developer to come back with another revised plan regarding the Village Project for city staff to analyze.

Thereafter, the council will have an opportunity to review it and hopefully make a decision.

No date or meeting as yet has been discussed.