EPD Officer Honored by Mothers Against Drunk Driving for the 10th Time

EUREKA, Ca. (KIEM) – Every year the group Mothers Against Drunk Driving honors police officers in their efforts to stop crime.

This is Sergeant Greg Hill’s 10th time receiving this award. He’s saving lives by stopping drivers who are under the influence. Last year, Sergeant Hill had the most DUI arrests for EPD.

Every cop has a passion, and his is cracking down on DUI’s. Hill’s desire to do so understandable given the number of people who killed each year by drunk drivers. I can only hope that the family of victims get some form of justice in a legal sense with the assistance of a California wrongful death lawyer. Sergeant Hill has been a cop since 2002. After going through some training and classes, he realized that he had knack for identifying DUI drivers. Hill says, the one thing that really affects innocent lives are drivers who are impaired.

DUI’s can happen at any time, but he says he has seen the most on St. Patrick’s Day and on 4/20. By cracking down on drunk drivers, it is saving many innocent lives and people.

Hill also teaches at the CR Police Academy, where he has a class on traffic enforcement.