Board of Supervisors Approve New Programs that Will Benefit Cannabis Business Owners


HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Ca. (KIEM) -It’s a big day for the cannabis industry in Humboldt County.

The Board of Supervisors approved several new programs that will help cannabis business owners.

Those newly approved programs also includes cultivators and manufacturers.

It’s all part of Project Trellis. One of these new approved programs in the project was an Equity Program. That program would serve communities that were heavily impacted by the war on drugs. A Micro-grant plan was also approved. That will help small business owners apply for funding. The money will then help go towards helping owners. The next step is to create a cannabis advisory committee.

Part of Project Trellis is also a marketing campaign. The Board of Supervisors also approved that. Any business needs all the help it can get, even if the initial plans have been approved. For anyone working in the cannabis industry, there is nothing wrong in asking for help, even if this industry is doing very well so far. Even if it’s using the assistance of a marijuana public relations firm, this can make all the difference when it comes to spreading the word about this product. This has to be done in the right way if we want people to understand its importance. When it comes to starting a business in this industry, looking into the washington marijuana laws is something worth considering, as the rules do change and are quite strict. Running a business in this industry is only approved if the use of medical marijuana is legal, otherwise it is not worth breaking the law for. It’s also thought that the Board will be able to advise on everything from wholesale suppliers such as CBD Nationwide to marketing and advertising. The plan is to create and market a cannabis industry unique to Humboldt.

Many cannabis business owners were say, they’re very excited for this big moment and they look forward to the future of the cannabis industry.