Redwood Region Logging Conference Draws in Hundreds of Kids


EUREKA, Ca. (KIEM) – This weekend the Redwood Region Logging Conference kicked off! More than 1600 students from all over the North Coast got to enjoy day one of the event. How? Through a hands on learning experience.

Sounds of engines, the whistle of a train, and animals were the sights and sounds at today’s Redwood region logging conference”.

“There’s a variety of things to see and learn and so we’re excited to share that with the students,” said Katherine Ziemer, Executive Director of the Redwood Region Logging Conference.

Kids from third through sixth grade came to the conference. They learned about the logging industry and even got to check out some the equipment.

 “It’s something that they don’t get to see every day cause it’s up working in the woods and things like that,” said Colby Prince, a sales manager for Pape Construction and Forestry.

“It’s exciting for them to come out and come check it out.”

But it’s more than just learning about what job is. They also got to see wildlife up close and personal.

“This is an experience that they don’t have a chance to see a reindeer or even a porcupine, says Ziemer, they get to see them up close and learn a little bit of what kind of habitat they need.”

This event also brings people from all ages to come out and see what the loggers have to offer.

If you have don’t have plans this weekend? The Redwood Region Logging Conference runs until Saturday! Parking and admission is free!