O’Rourke returns to lead Yurok Public Safety


Greg O’Rourke is back in Klamath to lead the Yurok Public Safety department. He returns to the tribe after 12 years with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s office. ┬áLeon Purvis visited the Yurok tribal headquarters in Klamath and has this report.

Greg O’Rourke started his law enforcement career back in 2000 as a rookie officer for the Yurok public safety department. Now, he is coming back to his roots 19 years later as chief.

After O’Rourke got his feet wet as a tribal officer, he went to the Hoopa Tribal Police department where he learned how to talk to people and deescalate tense situations.

Once O’Rourke wrapped his time in Hoopa, he went to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s office and worked as a deputy.

Now as tribal police chief, he wants to move in a direction where he puts tribal members first. And being a native, he understands the culture and what his fellow tribal members go through.

Reporting in Klamath, Leon Purvis, Redwood News.