Hoopa teen asks for forgiveness, after racial slur video

Humboldt County, Ca., (KIEM) A mother and daughter are begging for forgiveness after a snapchat video goes viral in the county.

On March 9, the video captures a teenage girl calling out a racial slur from the sidelines of an All-Indian Men’s Basketball Tournament in Hoopa, an event that is a tradition in the town.

The girl, a Hoopa Valley High student screams “yeah!” After a member of the adult Hoopa team makes a basket. Then, to a member of the opposing team, she yells, “in your face,” following the “N-word.”

The video quickly swirled online and people were outraged.

One resident said the high school student should face consequences like the Ferndale students who had been suspended following the racially charged incident at their school, earlier this year and she wasn’t alone.

Last week, several social media posts expressed anger at the Hoopa school administration and its students.

Redwood News reached out to Jon Ray, Superintendent of Klamath-Trinity Joint Unified School District, here’s what he had to say, “Hoopa and Klamath Trinity actually have no jurisdiction over the students or the spectators of this particular event. It was not a school event or a school-sponsored event. We rented out a gymnasium to an outside organization and they hosted the event. I haven’t had a chance to talk to the family or the student yet, but I have heard that they are working on an apology letter and the next steps.”

The superintendent points out that if a student does something outside of school. He can’t punish them for what they did.

The mother of the Hoopa teen said her daughter is apologetic and adds they are taking measures to remedy the situation.

The Snapchat video had over 10,000 views.