District Attorney Keeps Asking For Judges to Be Disqualified, In Eureka Teen Murder Case

Humboldt County, Ca. (KIEM) A Mendocino County judge has been asked to decide whether a Humboldt District Attorney can disqualify a second judge from a murder case.

Deputy District Attorney Roger Rees is trying to stop Judge Gregory Elvine-Kreis from presiding over the preliminary hearing of murder suspect Lorna Jean Leen.

This request comes a few days after Judge Rees tried to remove another judge, citing the prosecution didn’t believe they’d receive a fair and impartial hearing.

If the Mendocino County judge rules Elvine-Kries can’t be removed, Leen’s hearing will be Monday afternoon, if he is removed, the hearing will be rescheduled.

Leen and her teenage son are accused of murdering a 16-year-old last August.