Career and Resource Fair organized in effort to help combat unemployment

Job fairs have proven to be a fantastic way for local and national companies to reach out to the workforce areas that may normally get overlooked or to let those who may not have the strongest work history have a chance of selling themselves in person. Many cities have begun organizing these on a monthly or bi-monthly basis for the purpose of getting more and more people into good, sustainable work that will keep them out of homelessness and poverty. The task comes for many people attending these to prepare beforehand. Finding out which companies and businesses are attending can give people an edge over the competition when it comes to gaining employment. Another element that helps greatly is having a resume made using a proven template like this that can catch the eye of anyone it is handed to, even if the worker has not got the best employment history. Understanding how to sell yourself is a vital skill in today’s society.

Arcata, Ca., (KIEM) The city of Arcata organized a Career And Resource Fair as a community effort to help combat or minimize unemployment. And for those, already with jobs, the fair was a way to introduce potential job seekers to new opportunities. Either way, it allows Jatrissa Wooten is in Arcata and has more.