Pet Owner Starts CBD Business after Dog Tears CCL Muscle causing Onset Arthritis

ARCATA, Ca. (KIEM) – Here on the North Coast, many of us are familiar with cannabis and the medical benefits it could bring for us humans.

But now he’s a different type of patient who uses CBD for treatment.

“I saw how much it helped him,” said Wee Bee Kind owner Mallory Wiebe.

Kazi is a wire hair terrier mix and he will be turning 14 year old this year. But Kazi suffers from his own medical problems.

“Kazi has Onset Arthritis, so I took the CBD oil, made some pet treats with it and after about a week of giving it to him on a daily basis I saw such a significant difference,” said Wiebe.

Mallory started her business Wee Bee Kind after he tore a muscle in his leg.

“That’s like the root of this whole business actually, it inspired everything,” said Wiebe.

Mallory uses CBD to help Kazi ease his pain.

Since then, Mallory not only wants to help pets like Kazi. But also help other animals and people as well.

“One woman who loves the salve, and it helps her lower back, and she would say she falls asleep with it in her hands sometimes,” says Wiebe, “it’s also helping their pets, how it’s giving their pets new life.”

Redwood News reached out to several pet hospitals and veterinarians here in Humboldt County. However, they declined to speak on camera. It’s important to note that CBD hasn’t been recognized or approved by the FDA.