North Coast Locals React to Notre Dame Cathedral Reaction

EUREKA (KIEM) – It’s a cultural beacon and one of the most beloved structures in all of the world.

The Notre Dame cathedral in Paris draws in over 13 million visitors each year. Yesterday, the 850-year old church caught the eyes of the world after fire engulfed the iconic structure.

“It’s devastating. Obviously when the news first came out, I think that a lot of people were concerned that the entire structure would be lost,” said St. Bernard’s teacher Hannah Bernthal.

“So it’s a big relief that only the central spire has been lost and that the majority of the church has been rescued.”

Hannah Bernthal, a teacher at St. Bernard’s, visited the iconic Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. For her, it was an experience she would never forget.

“It was incredible,” says Bernthal “I was wondering at first, waiting in the long line if it would be worth it and it was. The architecture is incredible and standing in front of those rose windows, there’s nothing like it.”

But yesterday, the iconic church caught fire, shocking the world.

Social media video captured Notre Dame in flames, as Parisians and tourists filled the streets watching the iconic cathedral burn.

“You feel terrible in a fact that you feel like a part of the past is being destroyed,” said St. Bernard’s teacher Joh Renteria, “it was built in the 1100’s, it stood the test of time for centuries.”

St. Bernard’s teacher John Renteria visited the Cathedral two times. Now he wonders, what will happen to the religious artifacts that rests in the church.

“To wonder what the damage is going to be,” says Renteria. “It’s going to be a hit for the history and the artifacts that are in it, and the beauty of the structure.”

French President Emmanuel Macron tweeted out last night “Our thoughts go out to all Catholics and to the French people. Like all my fellow citizens, I am sad to see this part of us burn tonight.”

On the streets of Paris, many gathered to sing hymns and songs as firefighters worked to put out the flames.

The cause of the fire is still unknown.

The people of Paris held a march and a vigil for Notre Dame. The French President has also stated that they plan to rebuild Notre Dame in the next five years.