Local organization fights to reduce single use plastic water bottles

Humboldt County, Ca., (KIEM) Earth Day was Monday and the following day a local group continues its efforts to push for a better planet.

Zero Waste Humboldt, the only organization in the county to specialize in zero waste solutions, is promoting its refill not landfill project.

The project is to encourage residents to refill more and buy fewer water bottles.

To do this, the group partnered with local government and schools to have 10 water refill stations installed throughout the county.

Currently, the cities of Arcata, Fortuna, and McKinleyville all have a refill station and the group hopes to bring in more all in the name of prevention.

“It’s all about prevention when you go to shop don’t buy single-use plastics because of the damage they cause to the environment,” said Maggie Gainer, one of the founders for Zero Waste Humboldt. “It is the most expensive way for the average household to drink water, you pay for the plastic bottle more than you do the water.” A more efficient and economical way to have water in your home might be through the use of a filter. These devices can be bought online and can help to ensure that your drinking water is fresh and safe. Those who like to research beforehand can look at https://waterfilterway.com for example. Purchasing a metal bottle, and reducing the amount of plastic bottles you have in your home, can help the environment.

Zero Waste Humboldt emphasizes prevention first.