700 people Attend 10th Annual Spamley Cup Cook-Off

REDWOOD FIELDS, Ca. (KIEM) – Get your good old Spam out, because the 10th Annual Spamley Cup Cook-Off is here.

Its a yearly event at Redwood Fields where chefs try to make their best foods out of spam. This year they were creative by making Spamcakes, Nachos with Spam, and Spam with bread and jelly.

The winner of the judged cook-off gets the Spamley Cup and bragging rights. Its all in fun to fundraise money for CASA of Humboldt. It all started as a friendly challenge.

“It was just started at a bar. A handful of chefs go, I can out cook you in anything. So they said alright, how about Spam? Alright, let’s get a backyard barbecue going. Handful of friends got together, a couple of people came to taste and judge. I don’t know, there was about 30 people all together. That was ten years ago. Now we’re up to about 700 people in the door right now,” said Mike Vitiello, Spamley Cup Cook-Off Coordinator.

This year’s Spamley Cup winner is the Spam Bastards.

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