A Mendocino County man posts an unusual craigslist ad, alerts authorities

Mendocino County, Ca. (KIEM) A Mendocino County man posts an unusual Craigslist ad that got the attention of authorities.

Wednesday, Mendocino County Sheriff’s Deputies were told of a Craigslist ad posting that contained, a Vietnam era military ordnance for sale. Immediately after, officials went to work trying to contact the seller.

Around 6:40 PM, authorities located the seller at a residence in Fort Bragg California who confirmed possession of the military device.

Police said the seller told them, the ordnance was acquired from a relative who passed away and who had also served in the military. Police said the seller also mentioned the device to be inactive.

Sheriff deputies and the Beale U.S. Airforce Base EOD Unit inspected the military ordnance to find it to be inactive.

The ordnance was subsequently transported off-site to a safe location where it was rendered unusable and unrepairable.