Timber Heritage Association Partners with Cal Fire and EPD to Cleanup Safety Corridor on Highway 101

EUREKA (KIEM) – If you were driving along the safety corridor, you might have seen a group of people cleaning up the side Highway 101.

The Timber Heritage Association hosted a cleanup.

The Timber Heritage Association partnered with EPD and Cal Fire .

They were along Southbound 101, cleaning the road, clearing up the brush, and picking up trash. The cleanup stretched all the way from Eureka Slough Bridge to the Redwood Mill.

It’s all to help prepare for Saturday‚Äôs event but also keep the community beautiful.

On Saturday, The Timber Heritage Association will be running a special speeder from the Samoa Bridge all the way to the Redwood Mill.

The event runs from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M.