UPDATE: Asbestos Test Results for Gist Hall Delayed, University Plans to Release New Information Tomorrow

ARCATA (KIEM) – Asbestos test results for Humboldt State University’s Gist Hall have been delayed.

After doing a routine check on the facility last week, the University discovered possibly disturbed asbestos. As of right now, the building is closed until further notice. It’s important to run regular asbestos inspection tests especially if your building is old. Asbestos was proven to cause cancer, or more specifically Mesothelioma, in the 1980s and treatments are still being developed for those who were affected.

This isn’t something that anyone would want to deal with, especially if this could have an impact on your health. Plus, with there being companies like Prodan Construction who can test for asbestos, getting in touch with these sorts of professionals could help make a difference to getting rid asbestos.

If you search ‘chemoimmunotherapy next treatment for Asbestos cancer ‘ you’ll see that it is being hailed as a potential treatment, which is brilliant, but even when a cure is found, asbestos should always be a banned substance due to its toxicity. Any building found to contain it should be reconstructed accordingly, just like this one.

Students with finals in Gist Hall were re-located to other campus facilities.

Even an ongoing production of Mr. Fantastic Fox was moved to North Coast Repertory Theater.

Hannah Kho, a sophomore at HSU, says this isn’t the first time she’s encountered an asbestos problem on campus.

HSU says, they expect to release test results tomorrow.