Rio Dell Residents Frustrated Over Vehicles Parked on 4th Street


RIO DELL, CA (KIEM) – Rio Dell residents are not happy about a large number of vehicles parked on City Streets. Some feel the City and Police Department are not doing anything to combat the issue.

Rio Dell resident Tina Jackson is frustrated by the amount of vehicles parked on the road and in front of her home. Vehicles that she says sit there every day.

“If I wanted to have a yard sale or something, I can’t have a yard sale because people don’t have a place to park to come and look at my yard sale,” said Tina Jackson, a Rio Dell resident.

Jackson lives on 4th Street between Dixie and Davis Street. Jackson told us all the vehicles belong to her next-door neighbors. A man and a woman who is also her step sister.

“Half of them don’t even run. And if they do run, they barley run. They only run long enough to maybe to get to the stop sign, and they break down,” said Jackson.

The Rio Dell Municipal Code prohibits vehicles from being parked in the same location for more than 72 hours. Jackson told us that the Rio Dell Police Department tags the vehicles but are not towed away.

“I want the cars towed out of here. I don’t even think the tags on them are the proper tags. I think they’re ghost tags, and the cops aren’t looking into it,” said Jackson. 

As our cameras were there on 4th street, Jackson’s stepsister’s boyfriend’s brother came outside and got in a confrontation with her.

“She’s a hoarder Robert,” said Jackson.

“Well deal with it,” said Robert.

“I am dealing with it. I have taken it to the City Council. I have called the cops. I have done everything, and nothing is being done,” said Jackson. 

Jackson is not the only neighbor frustrated about the vehicles parked on 4th Street.  She also wants something done on the issue. 

“We had a party here the other day. They had to actually go and park in the tennis court parking lot. And made them walk 120 yards to my party, because no one could park anywhere,” said Mary Burns, a Rio Dell resident.

According to Jackson, she took a petition of 20 signatures to a Rio Dell City Council meeting. They told her that they are working on the issue. We reached out to Rio Dell Mayor Debra Garnes. She referred us to the Police Department. 

We reached out to the Rio Dell Police Chief Jeff Conner regarding the vehicles parked on the roadway.  He declined to comment.