Arcata Plaza Packed as Day One of Kinetic Grand Championship Race Kicks Off


ARCATA (KIEM) – A packed plaza, filled spectators and racers.

“Oh we’re feeling so glorious,” said one racer Jimmy Jam.

Some people might mistake these vehicles for parade floats, but they’re actually machines that will be racing down to Ferndale.

Racers not going for gold, but instead going for glory.

It’s a big year for the Kinetic Race is celebrating 50! For North Coast locals, they love seeing the engineering, creativity, and uniqueness all encompassed in one race.

“It’s exciting to see how everybody made their different vehicles go in land and water,” said Arcata resident Caroline Schutte.

Each vehicle came with its own unique story. One team even said, they’re on a space mission.

As noon rolled around, the racers blasted off. Each quirky contraption zooming down the streets of Arcata.

The race takes place over a span of three days. Day one finishes in Eureka, with the final day ending in Ferndale.