Humboldt Bay Fire Training on Old Truck Site Building before Facility gets Demolished


EUREKA (KIEM) – Humboldt Bay Fire crews were training along Broadway Street on the future In-N-Out spot.

It’s an old saying. Practice makes perfect.

“You perform how you practice, you perform how you train,” says Humboldt Fire Public Information Officer Amy Conlin. “So it’s important for our crews to be constantly keeping on these skills, so that when it comes to perform them, they’re experts.”

They broke down doors and shattered windows, using their tools like a rotary saw, K 12 saw, and axes.

“The more authentic we can make these drills, the more realistic we can make it for the crews who are moving through them,” said Conlin.

It’s vital for fire crews to learn the ins and outs of all kinds of structures. But also learning how to work together.

“No matter what role they take on they can anticipate each other’s moves,” said Conlin, “they can lend support and aid.”

The building will be demolished sometime this week. But for the next few days, you can expect to see Humboldt Bay Fire along Broadway.