Pine Hill Elementary School Students Chat with Humboldt Native and Pop Star Sara Bareilles


EUREKA (KIEM) – Pine Hill School has had a year filled with art and performances.

A good way to end the year? A meeting with Grammy-nominated Sara Bareilles. They asked her questions and even hear her sing a little tune.

Sara Bareilles was born and raised in Eureka. She is now living out her dreams in show business.

But despite being thousands of miles away, she spoke with students at Pine Hill School in her hometown. Where she got to know the next generation of creative artists.

She sang a little and the kids adored her.

“I think the kids loved it when she was talking about local areas here, like the zoo and Sequoia Park,” Principal Tami Beall, “she was from Eureka and I think they can relate to her really well and that she’s just a normal person.”

Not only did the school receive a special appearance from Sara, but she also got her own unique show.

Aubrey Allen re-arranged the words to Maroon 5’s Girls Like You and sang not only for Sara but her school.

Despite her nerves, Aubrey made her school and Sara proud.  

“I was just very nervous but I also felt really proud of myself after,” Aubrey.

“I’m happy that a famous singer loved my singing.”

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